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Caregiver Learning

Couple on Laptop

Individual or small group caregiver learning sessions provide education and support sessions so caregivers access quality evidence-based information, support, resources.

Are you overwhelmed with information from google, books, and family members? Do you need clear, easy to understand information that is evidence based and rationale? Do you need support so you can feel confident in how to guide your kiddo?

I hear you! caregiving is HARD and the support you need for helping your child meet their milestones and gain life skills is often lacking.

I'm here for it and can help you with a caregiver learning session. You choose the topic and I'll get you the information, resources, tools, and roadmap you need to confidently guide your child and build your team.

Choose from a variety of topics:


  • Toileting routines and bowel/bladder management

  • Dressing skills and routines

  • Expanding the palate for picky eaters

  • Life skills for children

  • Fine and gross motor development

  • Making sense of sensory integration

  • Daily routines and transitions

  • You tell me! What are you looking to learn to help your child succeed with sensory, motor, and life skills?

Caregiver Learning sessions provide information and support in a compassionate and accessible way! Get the knowledge and actionable tips you need to support your kiddo and get on the right track to helping them meet their developmental milestones and life skills!

**Learning Sessions are for educational purposes only and they are NOT Occupational therapy or a replacement for occupational therapy.  Information shared will be general in nature and individualized plans will not be able to be provided***

Ready to grow? 

One time learning sessions include:

  • One 60 Minute learning session with education, resources, and workshop opportunity to gain knowledge, learn about general supports and how to use them, understand how toileting works and what general childhood barriers, learn how to develop a "care team" to support you moving forward. 

$125.00 USD

3-Session Package includes:

  • One introductory session (60 minutes) To workshop your current issue and provide support, education, and resources

  • 2 Follow Up sessions (45 minutes each) to coach you through ideas and supports, provide more resources, support consistencey and follow through. 

$300 USD

Caregiver education sessions are for information and education purposes only.

This service is NOT occupational therapy and does not establish a client-therapist relationship This is not a substitute for medical or therapeutic advice.

Knowledge shared is general information and is not individualized.

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