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Super Poopers


 6-Week Virtual Workshop

for Caregivers 


6-weeks | Learn | Build Skills | Find Community


Presented by Sarah Selznick, MS OTR/L
Owner of
Sensory Explorers, LLC

Sarah is an occupational therapist who focuses on helping children with life skills like going to the bathroom.  She has over 12 years experience helping children and families learn skills to improve function.  Sarah is the owner of sensory explorers, LLC occupational therapy and consulting. 

This 6-week workshop will give you

  • One of a kind workshop from Sensory Explorers, LLC!

  • 6-week virtual group for caregivers of children who are having difficulty pooping due to

    • Fear

    • Sensory differences

    • Motor or coordination challenges

    • Anxiety

    • Executive functioning. 

  • 1 On-demand learning module each week

  • 1 LIVE learning opportunity/meeting each week

  • Actionable assignments from your workbook to correspond with lessons each week

  • Build community and workshop ideas with your group members via an online portal to communicate

  • Find support, ideas, knowledge and community in a fun and supportive environment! 


Tell me more details.....

Words from past participants...

My 5-year old finally gained the confidence to poop in the potty.  You helped me fix the environment, remove the pressure, and get her into pelvic floor therapy, and save my sanity

We stopped the power struggle and worked your baby steps and we've had our first poop in the potty!

Because of super poopers I finally understand what's happening. It's been a very slow process but she's sitting on the toilet and yesterday pooped. 

you helped us think about toileting differently and think about what his needs were rather than what he wasn't doing. 

This has been an amazing support. We were feeling alone in our struggle and now we don't and we have a PLAN! 

I want to help my child be a 

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