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Curious kids and caring adults create a world of kindness

The Sensory Explorer Show

The Sensory Explorer Show is a web-series created and produced by Sarah W. Selznick.  The show is designed for children ages 3-6 and their teachers/caregivers.  In each episode Sarah the OT and the curious explorers play with one sensory activity and use the sense-o-meter to help them figure out how they feel! Through use of visuals and modeling by caring adults, the series promotes:

  • Sensory awareness

  • Body awareness/ Motor skills

  • Play skills

  • Self-regulation

The show is designed to be an interactive series for parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists to use along with their child. The series can be used as a stand alone activity, as a supplement to your class lesson plan, or as it's own curriculum to teach sensory-emotional-motor vocabulary with adjoining interactive activities.


 To improve interaction there are worksheets designed for each episode and a            sense-o-meter visual that you can print and use along with the web-series explorers


REMEMBER: all activities require very close adult supervision for safety!!

The Sense-O-Meter is a visual tool that helps us figure out how we are feeling, and helps us explain to others how we feel.  Use this to help you better understand your body and what activities make you feel at center. 


Download your FREE sense-o-meter and episode guides.  Familiarize yourself with the feeling words and sensory activities.

Watch an episode of the Sensory Explorer Show! Pay attention to how the Explorers feel, and what activity they use. 



After you watch an episode, try the activity yourself! Use the free explorer guides and  sense-o-meter to reflect on how these sensory activities make you feel!

Watch an episode now!

Get Your Explorer Guides Here!

There is an Explorer Guide for Each Sensory Explorer Show episode.  These Explorer Guides help children and their caregivers play along at home, making the Sensory Explorer Show an interactive screen time moment that can be easily applied to "Live Time" play at home or school.  

Each Explorer Guide has directions on how to Make Your Own activity, questions to help you figure out your sensory-emotional-motor feelings and key questions to expand on what you learned. 

Enjoy, and Happy Exploring! 

The Sensory Explorer Show

The Sensory Explorer Show

The Sensory Explorer Show
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Get Your Sense-O-Meter Here

The Sense-O-Meter is a specially designed visual to help children understand how their body is feeling. 


Download and print this free tool to use at home and school.

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