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For the therapists

Parent communication is key to successful pediatric OT intervention. I am always looking for ways to improve communication with the families I work with. E-mail is great, but sometimes a quick handwritten note can be more effective.

That’s why I created these "A NOTE FROM OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY" notes - inspired by KnockKnock paper products! This is an easy way to give parents a general overview of what the OT session looked like and make any recommendations for home. I am planning on putting them in my students “take home” folders after therapy.

I think this would be great to fill out with a student to help them build self-awareness of their strengths and challenges. I wouldn’t use these notes to communicate anything sensitive or that may make a student feel less confidant or self-conscious. The purpose is to improve carryover from school to home.

I've been printing them out four-to-a-page for little notes - perfect for the backpack!

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