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My Book is Here!

I am thrilled to announce that my book “I am Learning to Poop in the Toilet” is now live on Amazon! This book was written for all the families that I have worked with and the amazing children who I have helped. I wrote this story to illustrate and give narrative to a common problem I see in my practice: children holding poop or choosing to poop only in a diaper or pull up. Holding poop or holding poop until your child is in a diaper or pull up can cause constipation which can be uncomfortable and times painful. Chronic constipation can lead to a cycle of withholding and painful poops that can be challenging to overcome. Children and families often need extra help to understand the cycle of constipation, alleviate constipation for good, and make lifestyle and sensory changes that will have a long term effect. One of the first steps I recommend to families who face this challenge is to get knowledgeable about the digestive system and how pooping works!

This book offers something that I haven't seen in children's literature before, which is the use of anatomical terms for bowel movements and pictures showing what it looks like when poop is in your body and when poop is out of your body. I chose to use specific words and pictures to show what is happening in your body before, during and after a bowel movement because this process can often be confusing and sometimes scary for children. I am a firm believer in using stories to help children learn and process new information. Many children also respond to visuals in a more comprehensive way than auditory explanations.

My Hope with this book is that it will unveil a complicated and sometimes taboo subject. I want to bring to light the common and natural experience of pooping so children can feel confident and secure in their bodies.I also hope that this will help adults feel more comfortable talking about the anatomical process of pooping and feel comfortable talking about strategies to help children feel safe and comfortable going to the bathroom.

This book is the first in a series of books that I am writing about childhood life skills. I use my occupational therapy lens of looking at the whole person, the environment and the task plus my love of writing and illustrating to talk about topics that don't get enough attention!

Check out the first book I am learning to poop in the toilet on Amazon today. It's available in both Kindle and hard copy.


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