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Back to school: The Best Basics!

A few durable items can make for a smoother transition back to school. By focusing on only essentials, rather than whats new-and-cool you can invest in items that will last more than a year. Here are a few of my favorite back to school items - all classic - or classic with a twist.

1. A durable notebook with graph paper so you have room to create lines to fit any assignment.

2. A basic but roomy lunch box - no bones about it.

3. Some lunch containers for your lunch box - big enough to hold some nutritious meals with small containers to keep things separate.

4. A classic LLBean backpack to hold it all together

5. A y shaped pencils - for your best ergonomic fit

6. A discreet fidget to keep your hands busy so your mind can focus

4. A great water bottle to stay hydrated - this one has a bite valve which is a great oral motor fidget

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