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New Sensory Explorer Show: Kaleidoscope

This new sensory explorer show episode is about using our eyes to explore with a kaleidoscope. The kaleidoscope is a great classic toy that's often underrated. Typically kids will play with a kaleidoscope for a few minutes (seconds?) and toss it to the side for other more exciting toys. That certainly doesn't make for sustainable play!

Help the child in your life sustain play with a kaleidoscope by exploring all the activities you can do with it, and all the imaginative ideas that generate from using it!

First of all, you can have fun making your own kaleidoscope by watching this video and downloading the kaleidoscope explorer’s guide.

You can carefully look through it and draw pictures of what you see...

You can create a different story or world with each turn of the kaleidoscope..

You can use it as a way to discuss optics, mirrors, and lights

You can promote cooperative play by playing "eye spy" with the kaleidoscope and passing it between partners...

You can use it as a fun tool to learn colors and shapes!

The possibilities are endless when you commit to creatively using a toy!

What games do you play with a kaleidoscope?

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