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Toy Tuesday: Design and Drill

I love using Design and Drill because it is a game that targets many different areas, supports the idea of sustainable play, and is fun!

Here are some of the skill area's I use it to address:

  • Fine motor coordination (to hold and manipulate the screws)

  • Bilateral coordination (managing the screws and the drill)

  • Visual perceptual skills (matching the design cards to create your own image)

  • Visual motor skills (getting the screw into the hole)

  • Organization and planning (choosing the screw, planning where it goes, coordinating and sequencing movements to completion)

  • Attention (to complete the task!)

As for sustainable play - there are many different ways you can use and expand with Design and Drill which makes it a game that can be used over and over again in many different capacities. First, you can simply cue a child to use the drill, but you can expand on this by helping the child sequence the steps to complete a card. Along with the battery powered drill, this kit also comes with a hand held screw driver so you increase the fine motor challenge and offer new ways to explore.

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