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I love a fancy fidget - a goopy, sparkly, spiked thing! But sometimes you need to think on your feed and make something out of nothing. Here are five common household objects that can double as a fidget for busy hands when you're in a pinch!

Five things around the house that you can use as a fidget:

1. Bath Poof (or a sponge)

Sponges and poofs are great tactile tools that some in a variety of textures and materials. They are also great for water play - get them soaked and wring them out for a fine motor workout!

2. Washi Tape

It's not too sticky and comes in many different colors and patterns. Washi tape is great to rip and stick to paper, windows, or your hands! Fun to stick on and to pick off - It's a great tactile and visual fidget.

3. Rubber Bands

Colorful rubber bands can be a fun fine motor fidget. You can use them on geoboard, practice wrapping some around a can or bottle, or wrap some around an empty tissue box and strum away on your new guitar.

4. Scrap Fabrics

Soft, fuzzy, sequined, - fabric scraps are a great tactile tool to play with.

5. Rice and Beans

One of my favorite sensory tools - make a rice and bean bath by filling a bin with rice and beans and hiding "treasures" (little toys) for a fun tactile experience.

What are your go-to household sensory tools?

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