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Welcome to the new Sensory Explorers!

Welcome to SensoryExplorers, LLC! We have a new look to better reflect our values, our mission, and what we’re about.

I first created Sensory Explorers as an ongoing YouTube series that brought to life a sensory awareness curriculum I created for kindergarteners.

The curriculum was created to help kiddos build better awareness of their sensory systems and body sense so they could learn how to describe what they experience with a visual (the sense-o-meter) and accompanying vocabulary.

I felt that showcasing a group of caring adults to model the sensory tools and language would help kiddos to:

1. See that adults can play and have fun.

2. Have caring models of sensory-aware language

3. View adults using coping skills.

I also thought this would also help other adults watching (parents/teachers) learn how to use sensory-aware language and feel OK being a little silly!

The explorers in the videos are some amazing friends I made doing improvisational comedy when I lived in New York City. I’m so thankful for their willingness to be silly on camera and help make my dream of creating a video series come true!

Sensory Explorers has since evolved from a curriculum and YouTube series. Now, Sensory Explorers is Sensory Explorers, LLC

Offering virtual Occupational Therapy and Consulting services.

I am so excited to partner with caregivers to help them find sensational solutions for their child and family.

Here are few things I can help you with:

  • Picky Eating and food aversions (I am @sosapproach trained)

  • Sensory Processing and Integration

  • Developmental Life Skills

  • Fine Motor Coordination

  • Self-regulation

  • Play skills

I have deep respect for children and childhood. This respect fuels my belief in responsive and respectful caregiving and therapy. I use this approach to help you find solutions that are child-led and peaceful for your family.


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