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Toy Tuesday: Fort Sticks (and the magic of fort building in general)

Forts are very magical spaces that afford the opportunity for play, social-emotional practice, and creativity. Forts are best built by using found objects such as sticks and leaves, but for city dwellers or those who need a tidier option Crazy Forts are the way to go! Crazy forts are plastic sticks that you can join together with a rubber connector ball to engineer forts you can easily throw a light blanket or sheet over to create a super secret space of you liking.

image from

The first time I saw anything in the realm of pre-made fort materials was at the SITU Studio - Student Program - New York Hall of Science Design Lab where they had sticks of varying sizes and rubber bands to connect them.

image from

How do you built forts? What kinds of materials do you use?

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