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Strength is Asking For Help

Life is BUSY and right now things may be especially hectic and difficult. Parents - your "village" might look different - or maybe it's nonexistent and you're trying to figure everything out by yourself or with your pal Google.

(This is me and my baby! Just figuring things out)

It can be hard to ask for help. This was me pre-kid and at the beginning of my parenting journey. I was sure that I could do everything by myself and thought that I should know exactly what do to regarding my child's development because that's my THING! I'm a pediatric OT, I know this stuff!

Enter sleep deprivation, anxiety, figuring out breastfeeding, learning about my own new body, being new in town and far away from friends and family, and a steep learning curve to care for an infant- I was overwhelmed.

My response? More research! More articles! Take all the continuing education! Re-read all my textbooks -

Guess what - there's A LOT of research out there and NONE of it gives you a pat on the back and lets you know it's going to be OK or shows you just the exact thing you need to know right now --> which is what I really needed.

I did finally learn to ask for help - in all parts of my life. I reached out to friends, doctors, I hired a business coach @leahforman.ot, and started tele-health PT for my late walker (more on this another time).

It felt SO GOOD to know that I had a people who knew what they were doing and who were going to be there to support me. I did have to create my "village" it wasn't just there waiting for me like I thought would happen.

This is why I feel so strongly about using my OT degree and years of practice and knowledge to support other new mama's who are n the thick of it. You need support and quality research-based resources that help the development of both you AND your child.

If you need support with your child's development ask for help! I am open for discovery calls.

If you need postpartum support contact:


Call the PSI HelpLine at 1-800-944-4773(4PPD)


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