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Toy Tuesday: Picture Perfect

Valentine's day is over, but Picture Perfect still has my heart! I love using this game because it works on building fine motor, visual motor, and visual perceptual skills. It's also a game that supports sustainable play because it can be used a variety of ways and for many skill sets.

The repetitive matching nature of this game makes it a great organizing activity too. Organizing activities help kids calm down when they are very excited, anxious, or nervous.

I often use this game along with a movement activity - I'll put the tiles on one side of the room and the board on the other and the child will have to use a scooter board to collect the pieces.

Something else great about this game is the key on the bottom of each picture card - you can support strategy and planning skills by coaching the child to collect the necessary pieces first, then complete the puzzle.

And really - I love the look and feel of the tiles. There's a certain satisfaction to placing each tile in its correct spot - like putting in the last puzzle piece every time.

Have you every played picture perfect or other tile games? What variations do you use?

#organizingtask #VisualPerceptual #visualmotor #finemotor #toytuesday #matching #oldschoolgames #sustainableplay

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