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Picture This: A Simple Morning

Picture a simple morning where routines come together and the healthy habits you've been trying to form happen with ease. While you may be working towards fluidity of routines, here are some ideas that can help smooth out some rough edges to help make mornings (and other times) a bit simpler.

Clockwise from top left:

1. A watch unlike any other. The octopus watch does much more than tell time, it helps kiddos learn routines like "brushing teeth" and "eating lunch" by flashing picture reminders of when these tasks take place. This helps build independence and cuts down on verbal reminders from caregivers.

2. A clock to help set limits on morning expectations. The Mella Clock helps sleep train kiddos by using colored light and facial expressions to help little ones learn when it's OK to get out of bed.

3. Clothes that match, always. Primary simplifies picking out clothing because everything matches! No worrying about patterns or logos, kids can pick pants and a shirt and they are good to go. Strike "pick out clothes" off the morning to-do list.

4. A lunch tin worth packing lunch for. Tiffins are an easy and elegant way to pack hearty, healthy lunches while keeping foods separate. You can also use them to separate snack from lunch, or breakfast from lunch if your kid eats both at school. The tiffin pictured is no longer available, but see link for similar.

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